Plaza De Magdalena Wedding

Hailey and David set their hearts to have a Plaza De Magdalena Wedding. They met while working at a blockbuster together years ago. For the youngsters out there, Blockbuster was a place where you could walk in, and get a movie on DVD, bring it home for a couple days and watch with your family. Kind of cool right? LOL! Hailey and David were introduced to me from the extremely talented Ashley Monge of MongeAmoreEvents. Right away I knew this was going to be great and one for the blogs.

Dreamin’ of San Juan Capistrano

I am a wedding photographer based on the west coast. We lived in sunny Sothern California for decades and never thought that we could ever leave. We recently moved to Portland OR and as I am writing this, I am bundled up with layers of clothing, a beanie and I have the heat up to 75 degrees. It’s darn cold! Now, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE the PNW lifestyle, but the sunny rays of SoCal sounds kind of nice right now. San Juan Capistrano is such a beautiful and laid back kind of town and to have a wedding there is a complete dream. Plaza De Magdalena is gorgeous and the open-air courtyard is so refreshing. It’s just a perfect spot for an intimate wedding.

First look at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Right down the street is where we had an incredible couples portrait session at the breathtaking Mission San Juan Capistrano. Now, this mission is old, it was founded by Junipero Serra in 1775. People have roamed its halls for over two centuries and its one of those places that really makes you feel like your in Spain or some old world country. David and Hailey are true romantics and so it was natural to have their first look there. After the first look, we proceded to wander around and take a few snaps. Every corner had something unique to pay attention to. It was so hard for me to not make them stop every five feet to take some photos haha.

Once our time was up at the mission, it was time for some photos with the bridal party and this is where the fun began. We strolled the streets of San Juan Capistrano and headed to an area which had some beautiful cacti which served as the perfect backdrop for photos. I love gathering wedding parties and just have them enjoy their surroundings and each other. So many fun laughs come naturally from the silly inside jokes. Hailey’s Wedding Boquet was so gorgeous, to say the least. It had a wild boho vibe with King protea and large monstera leaves. What a talent between Bonnie of The Tangled Vine and Hailey right?

Time to tie the knot!

It finally came down for this lovely couple to tie the knot and have an amazing Plaza De Magdalena Wedding. Family and friends cried tears of joy and laughed together with new memories being made. It was such an honor to bear witness to all the magical moments. The rest of the evening was filled with so many great moments and as a result, I will always think of Hailey and David and their incredible Plaza De Magdalena Wedding. I personally want to thank all the wonderful vendors that came together and made this magical day become a reality for the wedding couple. Lastly, a special thank you to Hailey and David for your trust and generous hospitality, luv ya both and congratulations amigos!



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The setting for these images is spectacular and you did a great job capturing it! Excellent work!

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Literally might as well be Spain 😍😍 great job, you have an incredible eye for composition!!!

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Hooooooly cow these are amaaaaaazing!!! Love how you played with the light and oh man what a gorgeous wedding. Super amazing.

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Love these photos! And her bouquet, how unique! Fabulous job capturing the feel of the day!

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Loving everything about this wedding! Such a gorgeous couple and setting. Elegant, artistic, fun… You captured it perfectly!

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Wow this whole wedding is amazing! They look like such a fun couple.

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I thought too at first glance this wedding was somewhere in Spain! The light and the first look location… so beautiful! And I love their macramé!

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The colors, her dress! I love the simplicity and beauty everywhere. You nailed it! Such a gorgeous set of photos they will cherish forever!

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Wow at first glance, I thought this was Italy or Spain! I would have never guessed SoCal! What a stunning venue! That California light though always makes for gorgeous images and you captured this flawlessly!

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Nice capture of emotions, Congrats!

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