Well if Junebug Weddings doesn’t pic this up then I think I quit! because this couple KILLED IT! All feels here. Sarah and Ian share one of those cutesy bonds between each other. Flirting, playing around and just being themselves. It made this engagement session in the northern parts of California such a pleasure. It still fascinates me to see a story unfold through the view finder. And then to capture a slice of life that will be stuck in time for years to come. Years down the line one can revisit these memories and emotions through images. Fascinating! It’s just another aspect of photography thats got me by the cojones. In some ways you can say I make time travel possible. Cool right! 😉 We started the day off through the Muir Woods National Monument. I cannot begin to explain what beauty lies between and around the sun flaring through the trees and branches. After casually strolling through the trails we headed to the Muir Beach Overlook. This place is just breathtaking. It truly is like heaven. Shooting along the pacific coast line is such a treat. These photos just don’t do any justice to the magnificence of the actual scenery. If your in the area, do yourself a favor and spend a day exploring here. And don’t forget your camera!

I was so privileged to match this beautiful setting with such awesome love birds. Cannot wait for the wedding day. Thanks for having me and congratulations to you Ian and Sarah!


Alex, thank you for everything.. so far. We’re looking forward to the wedding as well. It was a pleasure doing this shoot with you. We still talk about how much fun we had.


Alex Richardson Photography

The pleasure was all mine my friend! So glad you enjoyed the session Ian!

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